Sunday, March 24, 2013

The novel that’s the talk of Asia!

'I guess every man has a secret somewhere in their lives. Mine was a woman, a mail order bride if you will, who came into my life speaking a language I could just barely understand and who began demanding things from me that are unspeakable to describe to this day... 

Her name was Niamomnni and I guess in her native tongue it meant ‘endless talker’, for from the day she arrived, Nia (my name for her) wouldn’t stop talking. Ever! I’d arise in the morning to her endless chatter, none of which I had even the vaguest idea of what was being said. And, I would go to sleep at night with here lips constantly moving next to my ear. All mostly gibberish.  In fact, the only English she ever seemed to pick up, for the years that she was with me, was ‘visa card please’ and ‘do washy washy’ when she needed money or the laundry done. But that wasn’t the worst of it, that wasn’t what caused me to begin plotting her death…'

Unfortunately, this book was banned in America due to the President's new 'Safe Reading' initiative.

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