Thursday, January 16, 2014

Are Americans being phased out of the business of eating?

Things could be worst - look at Japan!
A quick trip through the local grocery mart, these days, is an eye opening experience for many. Prices on just about everything have what I'd call the creep-ups. Every week, it seems a few more cents get tagged on to food items we all used to think of as staple. Bread at $4 a loaf, iceberg lettuce at a buck and a half and don't even get me started on the prices of meat! Milk is still only about $2 bucks a half gallon, but that's only because of the farm subsidies...

The problem is, I can't see an end in sight! At a time where our country is 'progressively' entering a new phase called stagflation, more and more people are finding themselves either out of work or underemployed. And now, the cost of eating has grown to be a real and ever present burden on millions of people. (Rather than buying a single orange at the cost of a dollar, more of us are opting for that 5 pound bag of potatoes)! Are we becoming another Ireland? I guess things could be worst. In Japan, a cantaloupe can cost $20 and if you want a steak, be prepared for some real sticker shock!

The thing is, this country seems to be headed in all the wrong directions! Whatever Washington is doing, they need to stop! Otherwise, food riots may not be all that far off...

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