Friday, February 9, 2018

Pontius Pilate and a dream!

OK! So, I'm working up to some things and some times yet to come. Stay tuned, as individuals like myself are either blessed from on high, or incredibly lost and a joke of existence.

My friends, enemies and associates, loving me and my love of my God, is your choice to believe in or not, either way! God walks with me every day and He's a pretty tough dude to hang with. I've been given sight or some semblance of sight. An internal awareness of His hard, but also incredible love.

Asides: Someone very old once said to me, 'To know the way, you must have first walked the way in my shoes.' The word 'the way' should have been a wake up call. 'The way' is the time line of each of our lives and how we all got to this point of existence (2018). Sort of like survivors in a poorly made sit com, and waiting for the next curtain. Well, here we are all now... [I take a breath. I breath in and then I breath out]. All the trials of my very petty existence, pales this on day, as I weigh my average life and my times against a man who is walking towards me now. For I now see, and am humbled... Forward:

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