Sunday, January 7, 2018

Yvonne Elliman - A late night thought.

I pushed this song out this night from a long ago album - Jesus Christ Superstar - At that time, way back when, I first saw that movie in a theater near the Randhurst Mall in Mt. Prospect Il. I cannot describe the effect it had on me/ It was a total bombshell and a life changer - for good or bad... My commitment to Jesus and my Lord is forever. Even as I strive, each day, to understand this place I wander about.... [Ms. Elliman, as you are 66 and I just a bit older, please don't sue me, for I am dull and of very little worth...] And if DL happened to visit this site - I'd never see how I ever survived that first passage through my mother's birth canal, only to be languishing here in this brief interlude... And even some later thoughts - Imagine a World Line which cycles back, as a temporal reinforcing wave or possibly a past harmonic. Each of us glimpsing just sometimes, a Deja Vu type of that moment.... Well, even aged minds do so dream...

Democritus, a man who I would have gladly followed, had a vision of this world's composition, way beyond his time - As it turned out, he had very good insights into particle physics, 400 years before the birth of Christ. That makes me now wonder... but I digress... Wait! I think another beer is called for here!

'Give a man a few beers and he will spread his wisdom to all who listen. Give a man a six pack, and he will boast of his great achievements. Give that same man a 12 pack and very likely you will have a pretty drunk man on your hands...' Dan Owen 2018

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