Thursday, January 25, 2018

Subway Cold cut sandwich at home!

Subway offers a 6" Cold cut sandwich that is one of my favorites for about $3.75! Sadly, by the time you add in some chips and a drink you'll likely be over six bucks! And that cost was one reason, I sometimes like to make one of these up at my home. Sure, my sandwiches are nowhere as pretty as the commercial ones are, and I don't add in stuff like cheese. But, I feel that when you count the cost savings, that they are ever bit as tasty!

For this particular lunch, I elected to have a bit of deli coleslaw and a dab of three bean salad. Nutritionally, I came up with this:

For a 'beverage', I selected a glass of water with some Crystal Lite added that cost just a few pennies! All thing considered, that was not too shabby a meal deal!

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