Monday, January 22, 2018

An egg, a couple of biscuits and some gravy!

Each and every time I manage to get back on track, diet wise, I seem to then wander a bit in a culinary sense. On this day, I was overcome with a desire for some biscuits and gravy, so to that end I made myself a breakfast that included them.

Now, I understand that it's pretty easy to get into 'trouble' eating that sort of junk food, but I figured what the hey. Yet, I was a little concerned as to what a nutritional panel might reveal. So, here is what I discovered:

I admit to be somewhat surprised. The calories were not that big an issue at all! What was a pair of issues, however, was the out of control level of sodium and them thar carbohydrates. The first helps to exacerbate hypertension while the second get converted almost exclusively into fat tissue. Bummer. Still, I figured if I only ate this kind of junk occasionally, I'd squeak through....

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