Sunday, January 21, 2018

Wiener on a shingle! Or WOS!

 Ugh! No way José! That looks like you-know-what!

My version of SOS is to completely loose the chipped beef and to sub in a nice big stiff wiener! (Finding just the right wiener at the store can be a chore, mind you. I like my wieners to be of the real beef variety and have found that Oscar Meyer's Jumbo dogs are just about right). 

Just look at that wiener!
Next, I eighty-six the gravy in favor of a generous portion of Campbell's Pork n Beans. There's nothing quite as satisfying as pouring those beans over a well chopped up wiener!

Lastly, for the 'shingle', I generally prefer the white variety. (Not that there's anything wrong with other color breads, mind you). I'm am so not a culinary racist! Why just the other day, I had me a slice of pumpernickel...

Now, that's what I'm talking about!

So, that's it. I toast the bread and heat the other two items in the microwave and then chow on down! Easy greasy. All told this meal came in at about 340 calories and cost well under half a buck. Enjoy!

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