Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Always Save mustard container. A poorly designed bottle?

The picture is of the top cap of a bottle of Always Save mustard. You might be able to detect that it is not exactly functioning as designed. I bought this bottle after experiencing a very similar problem with a similar contain from French's.

Now, I'm pretty sure that condiment dispenser apertures are pretty old news and not exactly cutting edge stuff anymore. That fact, however, seems to have escaped some folks. The truth is that the hinges often break even if the top section manages to hold itself together. I decided to switch to the more expensive Heinz bottle as its top is much more robust.

Update: I did get a response from AS asking for more info and a promise of some coupons. Swell! Days later I received a coupon and a letter thanking me for drawing their attention to the problem.

April 26, 2018 - I stopped at the same store and lo and behold, Always Save had changed the top design. It looked a lot more rugged, but time will tell.. [Note that both Always Save and Best Choice of subsidiaries of the same company, i.e. Associated Wholesale Grocers!]

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