Friday, April 13, 2012

Fairground Hotdogs are horrific! Really!

Sure, I know that meat prices are soaring at this time. I also know that everyone is out to save a buck here or there. But, trying to save money by buying junk like the hotdogs under the brand name of Fairground (distributed by the Save A Lot food chain) is just plain ridiculous! We can do better than this America!

Everyone is aware that hotdogs, as a class of food, are not the best thing in the world to eat long term. But, if you’re going to insist on eating one ( I love personally love them), then at least make sure it’s an ‘all beef’ product.  I paid about a buck for the package pictured above that I wouldn’t feed to a starving dog! Eating one of these was an insult to my taste buds! They had a texture that actually felt slimy on my tongue (gag me). Nutritionally you’re getting hit with about a quarter of the recommended allowance for salt and 130 unneeded calories.  Contrast that to an all beef hotdog from producers like Oscar Meyer and you’ll see, smell, feel and taste the difference immediately. OK, that’s your choice... real beef or chicken and pork parts. Hmmm. That’s  a toughie.

Now, here's the real deal! Hotdogs may eventually kill you, but as they say, what a way to go! The difference in price was about three dollars more for something that's all beef and all American! I would be proud to serve these at a BBQ in the park or at home to hungry kids.

Update: In my 2016 review I changed my tune - the Fairground dogs had improved re-markedly!

Disclaimer: This post was not intended to be a plug for Oscar Meyer - there are many other quality franks out there for sale.


  1. Im eating Fairgrounds now and they are delicious. As for your OM pick they are inedible and totally nasty tasting. OM used to make the best beef dog ever but around 8 years ago they changed their recipe and they are gag inducing. Same with Kraft mayo. I think Kraft owns both companies. To each their own.

  2. Any pack of hot dogs that cost a dollar will NEVER taste good

  3. Most of the time Fairgrounds aren't too good. But after experimenting I've found that if you freeze them for several weeks till they darken up a lot. Boil but don't let them split, drain water from pan/pot, and let cool for 2-3 min, flip them over and cool for a min and eat. After that I've yet to find one better or even come close to them. Thing is too, not every pack will change to a dark color in the freezer in order for this to work. Other than Fairgrounds with this trick, OM classic is second best.

  4. This is the stupidest thing I've ever seen. Beef hot dogs are disgusting and fairgrounds were the best there's been.