Sunday, April 29, 2012

Random thoughts in late April 2012

California, a study in how to get shellacked!

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Take a moment to study the map provided by Gas Buddy. If red meant dead that would pretty much describe California and how they’ve been taking it in the arse lo these many years. Both they and New York and to some extent Oregon pay way above the national average day in and day out.  Now why do you suppose that would be? California, in particular is sitting on a gold mine in terms of proven reserves right off their coast. Seriously, it’s all about their CF of a state economy, not to mention the out of control corruption and extremely leaky borders.  Four more years of Obama should just about do it for states like this. Well, perhaps we could sell off the Golden State, I’m not terribly sure anyone would even want New York for free.

Is Obama secretly holding the cost of food down?

Now, mind you, this is just a wild theory of mine. But, suppose that the current Administration is artificially holding down the wholesale cost of food just so the Anointed One can get re-elected! Sound a bit absurd? Yes and no. The stakes for this Republic will never be higher than what they will be in the coming election. Make no mistake, things will get ugly and every political advantage will be exercised. My thinking is that if the Democrats can just hold down the wholesale cost of food that would go a long way to helping insure a contented (sleepy) voting population.

The only fly in the ointment is the rising cost of gasoline and other petroleum products. A situation made extremely volatile considering recent events in the Middle East. Should war erupt with Iran, the cost of a gallon of gas (and then food) could really take off. And speaking of bets to get Obama re-elected… those would be off as well.

Gingrich to drop out Wednesday, May the 2nd

Apparently Newt Gingrich will be throwing in the towel when he announces his intention to drop out of the presidential race on May the 2nd. He is expected to endorse that bag of pistachio nuts, Mitt Romney. Good for him. That will now leave just Ron Paul as the only alternative candidate on the Republican side. So, short of old Mitt having a heart attack, it looks like he should have things pretty much sown up by June.

That will leave just two men going toe to toe as we enter the summer months; a summer that in all likelihood will be somewhat on the chaotic side of things. Look for riots in Chicago, a war with Iran and the collapse some countries in Europe to help set the stage for what might be a very entertaining sets of campaigns.

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