Saturday, April 14, 2012

America under Obama's heel!

Wow! What a whirlwind it's been since that day in January when Obama was first sworn into the highest orfice of the land. He immediately tackled the sad state of affairs of this Union and saved it somehow by insuring its ultimate bankruptcy. Uh, say what?

He oversaw a Congress that could get absolutely nothing done. No fiscal budget was ever passed as spending freewheeled out of control during his watch. He managed to get exactly one bill of any significance passed. (A very sick health bill that seems destined to be essentially de-funded by the courts this summer). But wait! There’s more! He's alienated our only friend in the Middle East (Israel) while consistently bowing to our enemies. He's been instrumental in crushing any hope of energy independence in this country for at least another decade or more. He has consistently shown his disdain for a free market in favor of socialism. Finally, he has thumbed his nose at our Constitution in blatant and uniform fashion ever since his first day in office. Enough already!

Obama is everything that the heart of America is not, and yet incredibly, there are many who would like to see this Bozo have at it for another four years. Unfortunately, that bag of pistachio nuts (Mitt Romney) he will be running against, isn't much better. Sadly, the Republican Party also stands in disarray and currently shares some extremest attitudes in its own right. (Case in point; their everlasting hard-on for war). But, surely dear God (I'm praying now) – even old Mitt will make a better President than the CF who currently occupies the Oval Office!

In any case my fellow tapped out Americans, you can bet whoever the next Commander in Chief is, will need a mighty big shovel to fill in that 17 trillion dollar hole. Update: 3 years later and the debt is 19 trillion, the country is in a shambles, America is an International joke and Obama was currently sucking Putin's ass. And.. we have another year and a half to go....

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