Friday, October 19, 2012

Weeding time comeith!

Any one who has had a garden understands the need to keep an eye on it. Let your attention wander for even a small amount of time and gosh darn it the bed is full of weeds! If you're like most people, weeding is perhaps one of the most unfaltering aspects of growing stuff to eat.

It came to me that running and growing a Republic is much the same thing. The big difference being that not only has this 'bed' become weed infested, but the life of all those little vegetables is literally being choked to death not only by the number of weeds (government employees) but by all those little tendrils (regulations) that have wrapped themselves around every leaf (business) whose job it is to grow a plant big enough to produce fruit (profits).

Not only is that bad enough, but there are so many weeds present that their insidious little roots are taxing the very vitality of the soil. Very little energy (money) is left to feed the vegetable plants and before you know it, the whole thing becomes a total bust. The garden is still there, the weeds remain, but the gardener has departed for the shed to get a rototiller – Yep, it's time to do some serious weeding....Come November, let's kick some weed butt!

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