Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Critique: Celeste Deluxe Pizza for one!

At only a buck and a quarter, I thought what the heck. I’d give this ‘deluxe’ pizza creation by Celeste a go. I mean what could I lose by trying? At only 370 calories, this pizza for one should go nicely with a tosses salad and maybe a glass of milk; the perfect combo to enjoy while watching a late night football game. The only real negative that I could find when inspecting the nutritional panel was the 980 milligrams of salt (41% of the recommended daily allowance) that you also get when chow down – to me large amounts of salt are always an admission by the manufacturer that their product tastes pretty bad. Lots of salt almost always makes up for that…almost.
Pizza was even smaller than I thought!

The directions were very simple; preheat your oven to 400F with a cookie sheet on a middle rack, remove the pizza from the box and unwrap the plastic then place the aforementioned pizza on the cookie sheet and cook for about 14 minutes. (Yeah, there’s microwave instructions on the box too, but anyone who has ever nuked a pizza knows what a bad experience that can be)!

…OK, so at the last minute I decided to go with the microwave after all. (I mean, who wants to wait for 15 minutes when 3 is much better)! After the nuking, I used my handy dandy pizza cutting wheel to cut it into cute little sections and then proceeded to chow on down.

Two quick thoughts. This meal went down fast. I had finished the entire pizza in under a minute! Was it good. I dunno. Everything happened too fast to tell. But, at 370 calories I guess I made my tummy happy and will plan to order a few backups for those evenings when a quick pizza fix is all I need! Score this one an 8 and make sure to buy two next time!

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