Thursday, October 18, 2012

Working in Obama's World!

It’s 2012 and you suddenly find yourself out of work! Through the grace of God, you had a good job and have been able to keep your head above water up until now. Then, out of the blue, Obamanomics fully kicked in and most of the full time job markets in and around your hometown pretty much dried up. What to do?

The good news is that there is work to be found! The bad news? The jobs are almost exclusively part time, the pay is at minimum wage (7.50 per hour) and oftentimes you're going to have to hoof it a long distance (in my case 45 miles) to get to a place that will hire your sorry ass sacking groceries.

OK, no problem – time to crank up that old computer and spreadsheet everything out. Here’s an income (see tables at right) model for someone like me who; 1) drives a 17 mpg gas guzzler, 2) will accept a minimum wage part time job sacking groceries, 3) will commute 90 miles round trip for the privilege of sacking said groceries and 4) elects not to brown bag it if forced to drive some distance ( a man has to have some self pride)! The first model pertains to part and full time work if I can somehow find work in my town of Forsyth Mo. The second table pertains to the same scenario, but now I'm commuting 45 miles one way to Springfield. Wow!

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In the first instance, I'm working in town and eating my lunch at home. In working either part or full time, I'm bagging a 'net amount' that's close to six bucks an hour. Be still my capitalistic heart!

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In the second case, while commuting to the nearest large city, I find that my lifestyle will have to be altered somewhat. At part time, I'd be losing about $7 per hour while at full the bleeding would go down to only a loss of eight cents for every hour worked. (Now that’s what I call a bright and socialistic fulfilling future)!

Moral of this story? None. Just hope the Obama Nanny State will tax the hell out of the rich and give you some of it! All so you can adjust to the 'new normal' in these here United States and eat... Trickle on down baby!

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