Friday, July 20, 2012

Critique: Smart One’s Beef Pot Roast!

Whenever I see a package labeled with the word ‘smart’ I just know they’re referring to moi! After all, I is the smartest person I know! (OK, so maybe that’s just because I hang out with only the mentally challenged). But, seriously, anything made by or for Weight Watchers just has to be investigated. At $2.50 for this 190 calorie meal, I wanted to see if this product which is actually made by Heinz was up to snuff.

Almost anyone who is over the age of forty more than likely had parents who made a pot roast on a regular basis. I can remember my mom bring out a large platter that was filled to over brimming with morsels of beef, carrots and potatoes. The whole lot was covered with a wonderful gravy; the source of which I never discovered. (Young boys are like that, all stomach and little, to no curiosity). Back then, I’d sit down and gorge myself and then run outside to play with my friends before the sun set. By the time I got back inside, I’d burned all the calories from the meal and was ready for more. Today, I get to sit down to a lousy 190 calorie meal and then will hobble over to the sofa for a quick nap before bedtime. How times change.

Making this TV dinner in the microwave is pretty much a snapola. You take the meal out of its box, peel back a corner of the film to vent and nuke it on high for 4 minutes. After the dinger dings, you stir everything up and recover the corner with the film and heat again for about a minute (see note below). That’s all there is to it, (which also explains why I eat so many of these darn things)!

As is usually the case, the reality of what you get is a far cry from the artwork on the front of the box. And, as is also often the case, I’ll ruin the whole ‘diet concept’ by artistically adding a few ‘sides’ of my own (as in a few beers and some potato chips). With some really awful looking meals, I’ve found it useful to close my eyes, on occasion, as doing that improves the overall eating experience. In this case, however, that wasn’t necessary. The food was cooked properly and the taste and smell was exceptional.However...

This one gets only a 6 on a scale of 10. Note: You have to be very careful with the plastic foil – when you try and stir the meal prior to the last minute of cooking, it tends to bunch up. In addition, the veggies tasted not that very well done. Specifically, the carrots and potatoes could have used some more time.

 At two and half bucks (one sale), I feel this one is a little too expensive to find a permanent place in my freezer. Overall, a rather poor creation from the folks at Heinz. My personal recommendation…look elsewhere.

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