Sunday, July 1, 2012

Someone please go and put these atheist idiots out of their misery!

A billboard along Interstate 30 in Texas that is calling for people to “Quit the Church” is upsetting Catholics in the area.

The billboard is part of a national atheist campaign by the Freedom from Religion Foundation and includes the message that the Catholic Church should put women’s rights over bishops’ wrongs, KDFW Fox 4 reports.

According to the station, Catholics see the billboard as a dig at dozens of federal lawsuits by Catholic dioceses, including those in Dallas and Forth Worth. They want to do away with an Obama administration mandate that requires employers, including church-owned institutions like hospitals, to provide employees insurance coverage for birth control, something that goes against church teachings.

My take: You’ve got to be kidding me…OK, Perhaps God maybe dead or perhaps he never even existed for you and your kind. I put forth that these empty headed individuals, who declare that nothing is sacred, are the same group that would have you look down into the black hole of nothingness and who would ask you to despair. My thinking, they are pointless individuals living pointless lives.

Look you atheist dudes, I beg you, please go live your lives and then when you’re ready…just end it. Poof! You’re all gone. By your own admission, your existence accomplished nothing. We, the Children of a living God have a different path to follow. You might want to look at history for a glimpse of what is actually going on. Duh!

As an aside, I haven’t been in a church more than a few times in my life. That doesn’t mean I don’t pray to the Owner each and every day, and that doesn’t mean that I won’t pray for your souls. Hasta la vista baby!

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