Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Those summertime gifts to treasure!

Somewhere long about mid July, as gardens all over the area are in full production with loads of tomatoes, cucumbers and 'whatnots', the creative among us get to storing, freezing and canning all that extra produce. And, when there’s some left over, good-natured folks like Ray and Pat always seem to show up with something to share with friends and associates.

Recently, they presented me with a container full of cucumber slices in a vinaigrette that was absolutely out of this world. If you’ve never tried this combo please make a point of doing so. It’s a wonderful way of utilizing excess cucumbers and onions in such a way that they will keep for a long time. While I’m not sure what Pat does to make her tasty and tart batches, here’s a simple recipe I gleaned off a Civil War Cooking Blog.

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