Monday, July 30, 2012

An Omelet and Fried Potato Breakfast!

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Now, really! Ask yourself – “Who doesn’t love fluffy omelets and fried potatoes?” No one that’s who! Problem is, if you aren’t under the age of 40 (which regretfully I ain’t), the meal pictured above would normally not be a good thing nutritionally! Too much salt and way too much cholesterol!

But, just hold onto your horses, everyone! Kindly take a gander at the nutritional panel below:

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 The secret of the improved nutritional score (perhaps obviously) was the use of egg beaters (no cholesterol) along with less oil (1 tablespoon) in the making of the fried potatoes. Also, the fillings used in the omelet (a cherry tomato and some left over mushrooms and other veggies) contribute almost zero calories. Note: I seasoned the potatoes using a salt substitute along with regular black pepper. This held the overall sodium to just about 344 milligrams.

Voila, a hearty half pounder meal that comes in just over 300 calories (I added a glass of tomato juice – @41 calories at the last minute along with a pat of margarine – @ 27 calories) and one which doesn’t violate the heck out of a low cholesterol and low salt diet.

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