Sunday, February 3, 2013

Critique: Healthy Choice Honey Roasted Turkey!

This complete meal from Healthy Choice features turkey breast meat covered with a sweet glaze, green beans, sweet potatoes and a caramel apple desert!

How, I wanted to ask, could you go wrong with a meal as good as this one looks? A 306 gram meal that boasts only 250 calories, a modest 350 mg of sodium and only 40 milligrams of cholesterol! From a nutritional standpoint, this meal is out of the ballpark!

The chunks of turkey are real bit-sized and yes, those are tasty bits of sweet potato that strangely work well with the glaze and the turkey! On the side is a combo of green beans and shredded carrots that perfectly compliment the main course. Finally, but not to be considered lastly, is the apple desert which I found to be just OK. The apple slices were a bit too al dente for my taste.

For a few dollars, this meal (as is the case for most of the Healthy Choice entrees) can be considered a good investment. I gave this meal a solid 8 on a scale of 10.

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