Sunday, February 10, 2013

Making do with less!

Let’s face it, food prices at most grocery stores are on the rise and they don’t look to be improving anytime soon. So, it’s not surprising when a person like me is on the lookout for any foods that are both nutritious and cost effective.

While I was recently shopping at a local grocery store, I spied a 10 pound bag of potatoes that was on sale for only $2.99! I thought that was a pretty good deal and purchased a bag to take home. It’s note worthy that I skipped the produce isle (lettuce at $2 a head – no way) and I didn’t even bother looking at any real meat items, substituting instead, a package of Oscar Meyer Cotto Salami for just $1.50 for one pound! The calories in the salami totaled about 1,120 while the bag of potatoes offered up approximately 3,400! Between those two, along with a half gallon of 2% milk ($2.29) and a loaf of cheap bread ($1), I figured I could get creative and came up with a couple of interesting meal ideas that wouldn't break my budget. (Note: I scrounged around in the fridge for my condiments and butter  while the lettuce came out of a small cold frame situated in front of my home). Here are a few of those meals:

A salami sandwich with a baked potato and milk!

Simple yet filling!

Cost: $0.56      Calories: 488
(Itemized cost: bread @ .10 + salami @ .09 +
russet potato @ .13 + 2% milk @ .29 = .56)
(Not included in the calculations were the pat of butter or the mayo)

A toasted salami & cheese sandwich with fried potatoes!

Cost: $0.71      Calories: 546
(Itemized cost: bread @ .10 + salami @ .09 + Cheese slice @ .10
russet potato @ .13 + 2% milk @ .29 = .56 cents)
(Not included in the calculations was the A1 sauce)

A simple salad with strips of salami and milk!

Tasty and nutritious!

 Cost: $0.43      Calories: 166
(Itemized cost: salami @ .09 +
onion @ .05 + 2% milk @ .29 = .xx cents)
(Not included in the calculations was the vinegar and oil or the A1 sauce, also the milk was not pictured)

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