Thursday, February 28, 2013

Sequestration begins day after tomorrow! Am I prepared? No!

I’ve promised myself not to panic, but according to my President ‘all hell is going to bust lose’ come March 1st. A date I’m sure will live in infamy as the economy will begin to look more and more like the Titanic did on April the 15th 1912. Only, damn it all, at least they had a band!

By way of preparation, I went to the grocery store, yesterday, and spent almost all my remaining money on canned goods and other foods that could help last me through the dark times to come! (While I was there, I was very surprised to see that there were no crowds). Didn’t everyone get the President’s memo of impending catastrophe?

I’ve also made it a point this past month to buy as many guns and ammo as my dwindling pile of cash would permit. All in order that I would be ready for the ‘day the economy crashes’. An event that the Democrats and the President have pretty much guaranteed as a direct result of the interference of a Republican Party gone crazy!

Man oh man; I can’t believe this is actually happening! And, all because of those traitorous Republicans who want to wreck everything and really shouldn’t be in Congress in the first place. No sir, they should be kicked out so that President Obama and the Democrats can work smoothly together to re-shape our country so that people like me won’t have to worry about our personal finances. Isn’t that what he means by a FREE Society? I mean why should anything I need have to cost me something when I like need it? Duh.

Well, now it’s all about over. I hope you Republicans are happy. You’ve ruined what was a great party (pun intended) and now it’s the end. Goodbye all….

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