Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Know why you can't find these anymore?

A now extinct sunning chair!
Those old fashioned tubular plastic tanning chairs are gone due to lack of demand and that's a shame! The reason they disappeared is due to all the negative publicity the masses were bombarded with concerning the sun. Every doctor, the AMA and media outlet shouted out the harmful effects of getting too much sun. And they did a great job, because these days almost no one sunbathes or even ventures outdoors without slathering on suntan lotions designed to block the sun's Ultra violet rays! Some of us never expose their skin to the sun much at all – going out only when encased in a vehicle and shunning outdoor activities. And, that's a shame...because they may be killing themselves.
Read this insightful article - 'Does our lack of sun put your health in danger?', for more!

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