Monday, March 3, 2014

Richard Harris MacArthur Park

A friend asked me to think outside the political box, and so I thought of this song by Richard Harris! Strange how a random thought, by other song writers, begets such a mental path. Please listen to, and enjoy this true classic by Richard Marx. The days that we will face in the coming months and years will likely be difficult. (I think we all know that in our hearts).

This Republic or United States, for most all my life, has been my only reality. Good times, good work and an existence that would be a fantasy for most of the rest of the world. (Something I took for granted, even as close friends I knew, perished in far distant battlefields to sustain it).

Now, that reality is fast fading in my view. But, what troubles me the most, are the children we baby boomers will leave behind. Young eyes that looking innocently up, to old men, like myself.

Questioning and innocent eyes, seeking the assurances, that such incredible wealth as I have enjoyed throughout my long life....Will still be there for them as they also grow older....

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