Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Pink Floyd Live - Dark Side of the Moon!

Watching this video, I feel like I'm in the cheap seats!

I'm not sure where I obtained this footage other than as some download some years back. The original video I rec'd was sliced and diced and the audio was way off. Fixed both as well as I could - (worth it though as this was one of my favorite groups in the day)! Note: This video is also not on U-Tube, at least with these technical fixes, so don't bother clicking on the tab... (Although, I'm sure better versions are out there somewhere)... I quote, 'who knows which is which and whose is whose'... and OK... I will so not get into the recent events unfolding in the Ukraine and that 'Commander and Chief' we have found ourselves stuck with!

No, I will not got there! Please go to if you desire that form of vitriol..

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