Monday, March 2, 2015

Benjamin Netanyahu makes some pointed remarks at AIPAC!

The Israeli PM, Benjamin Netanyahu , made some initial remarks to 16K at AIPAK. The crowd was a diverse national audience. His coming speech, with the real substance of what Israel plans to do, will be on Tuesday. He hinted that their plans for Iran will not be peaceful.

I understand Obama will be out learning how to play a fiddle, but also hopes to listen in to the speech at some later point in time, on his VCR (tongue very much in cheek)....

Paranoid speculation: Since the elections over there are just two weeks away, I would hedge a bet Obama has operatives over there trying to undermine Benjamin's chances for re-election.

Yes, our wonderful President, a true Cluster Fu*K couched in FUBARic miasma, in my opinion. And meanwhile, the Doomsday clock keeps on ticking... tic toc.... tic toc...

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