Friday, March 6, 2015

UN taking on asteroids!

A special United Nations team focusing on hazardous asteroids has been dissolved after completing its task of setting up organizations to deal with planet-threatening space rocks. One such org will be known as TTCHU - short for 'Things That Could Hurt Us'.  Not only will this body of august individuals focus on asteroid threats, they will also cover topics like hemorrhoids as they have similar endings and both pose a threat to our well being.

The first meeting ended on a sour note when one of the members threw a shoe at a representative from Kenya. As he did so, you could plainly hear him shout 'incoming'. There were also heated discussions as the panel tried to figure out how they could wheedle money out of the United States since most of the other member were flat broke.

I know that I will sleep better just knowing that we've entrusted the safety of a planet on this fine body of individuals....

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