Friday, January 27, 2012

Fresh salads make my day!

Of all the foods I enjoy eating, nothing compares to a good old fashioned salad that I’ve thrown together myself. Other than the possible exception of my homemade ‘ranch style’ dressing, there are absolutely no health warnings out about salads. (I know because I’ve check all the media outlets. There’s nothing – zip! Trust me)!!

Now while I often have agonized over getting Mad Cow disease after eating beef or a case of dreaded trichinosis from pork or even Type I diabetes from too much pasta, I feel I’m pretty much in the clear when it comes to chopping down on a plate of lettuce sativa, onions and celery! (Something that makes watching mainstream TV ads, as I eat, a little more doable).

Are you feeling a little run down lately? Doctors have now shown that three out of ten may be suffering from Early Brain Tumor Onset or EBTO! Now, while absolutely nothing can be done about curing EBTO, you can slow it down and live a relatively ‘normal’ lifestyle. Ask your doctor if Tumorset® might be right for you!” Yeah, right? No, wrong actually! (God, please save me from these sorts of visual downers that are designed to scare us to death)!

The other thing about a good old fashioned salad is the endless combinations that are out there! Every sort of vegetable or fruit is fair game and if you find yourself wandering too far afield (Sausage? Cheese? Oh My!), you can always quiet any nasty thoughts by using this great power word – preponderance. As in, ‘the vast preponderance of my salad was composed of some really healthy shit!’ Just be careful here that the ‘preponderance part’ of the ingredients doesn’t slip over to the dark side. After all, someone remarking, ‘My Gawd, girl! Is that a slab of ribs in your salad there?’ - will not go over very well when you get to thinking about it later on!

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