Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Second Life Marketing opportunities!

If you’ve never had a chance to check out Linden Labs creation known as Second Life, please be sure to do so. Founded back in 1999, SL offers ‘an immersive experience’ where registered users can invent, design, entertain, buy and sell in a virtual world filled with a realism that few other people have been able to challenge. On any given day, hundreds of thousands on men and women assume the unique persona of an avatar they’ve designed to interact with others all over the planet. If you haven’t tried this out, please consider doing so as joining is free of charge.

I’ve been a member for a couple of years and, yes, the learning curve is rather steep at first. But, it you stick with it, the rewards can be considerable. Some people even make a living at it! And, while I’ve never reached that level, I do use this portal to advertize my Forsythkid Blog to audiences I would not otherwise be able to reach very easily. I do this by ‘advertising’ on their internal search board for what amounts to just pennies a week.

Here is once such ‘poster’ I have spread around on various properties I own in SL. If an avatar touches it, they are prompted to go to my webpage or blog of choice. This is a really neat way of getting your blogger presence out to individual who might otherwise never hear of you. And, let me tell you, an avatar can actually be someone who resides in Russia, Japan or anywhere in the world! Through SL, I’ve met, and become friends with, some very interesting people over the last couple of years. A process that has enriched my life while providing some insight as to what actually is going on in other countries without the filter of local media. At this time I have been corresponding with a young lady who lives in Israel and let me tell you, I hear things that are not reflected in the coverage by companies like Fox News or MSNBC! So, from that standpoint alone, I feel that this portal is worth the effort to learn.

Stop in and say high if anyone reading this gets a chance. Look me up! My name in SL is Danomanno Redyard.

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