Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I've made a new word and I need your help!

In the same manner a baby might delight over making poo, I've given birth to a new word that I want to sling out there into the blogosphere so that it might be used far and wide!

Sluget adj. (pronounced slew-get) – a state of aimlessness. That which is without clear purpose or shape. Exp: 'His sluget manner was found to be disturbing by all in attendance'. Alternate forms: Slugetive - 'He was in a slugetive mood and so went to bed that evening feeling hollow and spent.' Slugetsia – an illness of the mind whereby a person is rendered intellectually non-functional. (It's been established that individuals who suffer from slugetsia are often registered Democrats).

Now, my dear readers, let us not be 'slugetish' about this effort. I'd like to see each of you email a friend and use this wonderful new word in your communique. And please don't forget to tweet it also.

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