Monday, January 23, 2012

Getting a handle on love and sex in a virtual world!

[note this illustration does not represent the actual cover of the work to be released]

Hold onto your garters Dorothy – it’s certainly not Kansas anymore! Along with the explosion of techno-everything in our physical world, there has also been the evolution of virtual worlds where the hearts and minds of lovers (young and old alike) can get tied up in knots! I’m referring to online social worlds like Second Life where les amoureux is heating up the internet servers like no ones business. And, with all this desire, can come problems of the heart and mind if you’re not careful.

That’s where author Pamala Clift’s soon to be released work, entitled the “Virgin's Handbook on Virtual Relationships”, can come to the rescue! According to a media release by the author (who I’ve had the pleasure of meeting online), her “how-to book helps those who are currently confused or just entering online dating, social media and virtual worlds. With online relationships being a condensed version of real life, the extremes of emotions are hit harder and faster. I witnessed some success but also a lot of pain and confusion with online relationships, even from the brightest of minds!” Clift says. “I developed a way to understand different perspectives and created a presentation that I teach with candor and humor, which is included within this book.”

Pamala Clift has a bachelor’s in business management and is the CEO of Virtual Handhold, LLC, which is a human/computer interface psychology consulting company. She is also the founder of the “Roadside Philosophers,” a five year international organization with hundreds of members that conduct their discussions within the virtual world of Second Life. She can be reached via email at Also, If you would like to contribute to the effort click here.

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