Sunday, August 30, 2015

And so the summer of 2015 comes to an end!

I think if I had to use one word to describe the summer of 2015, it would be wet! The rains came in the spring and then decided to overstay their welcome. When July rolled around and we should have witnessed the lawns all drying up, we got drenched with over a foot of rainfall! Rather that dry up and turn brown, many lawns became a challenge to cut as the warm and wet weather served to keep them growing, abet in damp fashion.

As August came and went, the rainfall did let up a bit, dropping only about half a foot over the course of the month! The Tri-lakes river system involving Beaver, Table Rock and Bull Shoals remained in a flooded condition, for much of the time, and levels were slow to fall. In fact, Bull Shoals never expected to drop to a 'normal' level for the balance of the year.

Now, on the cusp of the start of September, many of us living in the Midwest are wondering what will be in store come the winter months. Will that period see record snow or ice or will it be a more normal winter cycle? Only time will tell.

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