Friday, August 21, 2015

Scalloped potatoes are high calorie!

Whenever I want to make a sure fire side dish that will be liked, I often will grab a package of Scalloped potatoes!

There are quite a few manufactures of boxed freeze dried foods and the choice of makers of Scalloped potatoes is no different. I choose a box of Best Choice made by Awg Brands which are distributed out of KC MO. I generally choose what I'm going to buy based on price, and Best Choice nearly always beats out the more name brand offerings. (I'd guess I'm losing something in the way of quantity or quality by doing this, but when you're poor, that's what you do).

When making a side dish like this it's far better, in my opinion, to prepare it in the oven as opposed to the stove top or microwave. You get much better eye appeal if you allow the oven to brown the top of the food slightly. But, no matter how you make them, these babies are loaded with calories! Just a 28 gram serving (about half a cup) has 160 calories! So, watch yourself and your waistline when eating this fine comfort food!

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