Saturday, August 15, 2015

Is the Nation under cyber attack?

No internet, or limited internet, cell phones not working this date. Location: Forsyth MO - As a retired network administrator, I know when things are not all rosy in cyber-land. And, I'm becoming more and more paranoid. Here are some facts as I currently see them:

1) Obama is a true criminal who is anti American and who is taking down my Republic as fast as he can.
2) Hillary, his likely successor, is an even bigger crook.
3) Congress is a cesspool that has become completely inpotent.
4) Most other countries no longer like or respect America.
5) Our military, the last bulwark protecting all Americans, has been castrated.
6) Most of the media that we all watch every day is even more corrupt than Washington!
7) It concerns me when an admitted Socialist is running successfuly for the highest office.
8) My internet (courtesy of Mediacom) is iffy and part time at best.
9) Cell phone service is failing on a regular basis.
10) Other countries, who hate us (China, Russia and ISIS come to mind), are working while we sleep!

Bottom line. This country is mostly fucked and being screwed even now by the very people we elected to help serve us.

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