Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Hair's the Place!

Forsyth MO.Hairs the Place is a styling saloon owned and operated by Colleen Karnes. Located at 136 Rockhill Drive in Forsyth Missouri, I've frequented this business for a number of years and Coleen gladly accepts men, women and children. To make an appointment, simply call her at (417) 546-3039 during normal business hours.

As you can plainly see, I have hair that is a real challenge to cut and to maintain. As a chicken farmer of no little repute, I think I've even begun to resemble my stock and trade to some extent! You know, Coleen's eyes widen every time I enter her establishment, as I think am a very popular person in her view.

Update: Aug 2016 - Rumor has it that Ms Karnes will be teaming up with another hair stylist in the near future. I'll post more when I hear something official.

Update: Sep 2016 - "Today is my last day at HAIR'S The PLACE it has been great...my lil Steel Magnolias :) Thanks to ALL the people who have shared this venture with me and the memories....such great memories! I'm looking forward to my new adventure at Town & Country Salon in Forsyth with Carmen Davidson!!

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