Monday, August 31, 2015

Critique: Healthy Choice Golden Roasted Turkey Breasts!

On sale at only $1.98 at a local Country Mart in Forsyth MO, I elected to submit my pallet to yet another offering from the folks at Healthy Choice!

On the box, I was informed that the Golden Roasted Turkey Breast meal offered by Healthy Choice was; 'Turkey breast with rich gravy and traditional stuffing, green beans, and cherry blueberry desert.' Well, the desert certainly garnered my attention, at any rate! As the meal has only 260 calories, I'm always looking to sate my sweet tooth in economic fashion...

While writing about nutritional concerns, the cholesterol and sodium were very low, which impressed me no end. [Note that the panel shown here is close but not exactly what appeared on my package].

Like most of HC's offerings, the preparation was very simple. You merely cut and remove the film from over the desert then nuke it on high for 5 to 5 ½ minutes. Let it stand for a couple and then consume the contents. (There are also directions for preparing in a conventional oven, I didn't include).
Time to Eat! OK, it's go time! After nuking, I added a little butter, some salt and pepper and dug in. My overall impression was good. (Good as in what would apply to a $2 meal deal). The stuffing absolutely made the turkey portion great tasting and was devoured with gratitude. The green beans were a bit tough in my view, but edible all the same. And that desert? Well, I saved it for last and it was simply awesome. It certainly made the score of the meal ratchet up to a solid 8. If you can get this one on sale, I'd say go for it!

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