Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Random thoughts for September 2015!

Attention all illegals! California is the place to be!

If you plan to cross our border in illegal fashion, here's a heads up. Go to California – they love you folks and even have special cities like San Francisco where you can commit a crime, leave and then come back to welcoming progressive arms. What a bunch of Jack Wagons work that city! Even Obama has put his stamp of approval on this, overriding Federal Immigration law in the process! Wow.

The USPS – a great example of our imploding government!

There is nothing better I could point to, as an example of government incompetence than the postal system of this Republic. They are the poster child, when it comes to how not to run an efficient company. If you want you mail and products to arrive safe and on time; use either FedEx or UPS. They actually work and make a profit. On the other hand, if you don't particularly care what happens to your package or letter, then the USPS is certainly the way to go. They are a company in complete free fall, in my opinion.

Obama's not so grand library?
I would hope everyone makes a small donation too!

To me a library is a repository of knowledge, history and other great works. So, how it is that they are referring to this abomination of emptiness, a library? I'm just curious what accomplishments which Obama engineered over the course of eight years will go into his President Library? Bet there will be loads of crap!

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