Friday, September 11, 2015

Will this forecast win out?

Forsyth MO – It was late December, 2015 and I had just barely made it home before the snow began to fall under moisture laden and dark clouds. My 'home' was in reality a condo located at the bottom of a long and steep hill. Thankfully, I had made to the store and had loaded up on provisions before the 'freak storm' really got wound up!

Turning on the TV the announcer was using words that should never be used in the same sentence. Words like dire, biblical, dangerous and blizzard. Sitting in my easy chair my eyes widened considerably, as I took in the full impact of what the weather guy was saying. Outside, the wind had picked up to the point that occasionally the windows rattled in their frames. Sighing, I got up out of my easy chair and walked over to gaze outside. I saw that the snow was coming down harder now abet in a more or less horizontal fashion. In the distance, I thought I could even hear thunder.

Well, ain't that swell, I thought as I moved to my chair, after first stopping at the fridge. I had just sat myself down, beer in hand, when there was a brilliant flash of light followed by a peal of thunder! The condo shook! Seconds later, the lights went out. In the dark now, I popped open the beer and took a drink....outside the storm continued to rage...
Was this a work of fiction, or is the author perhaps psychic? Time will tell....

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