Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Random thoughts on food!

Is chili becoming a gourmet dish, cost wise?

Circa early October 2015. Here was the cost breakout for a pot of homemade chili:

Ground beef, 453 g $4.59
Petite tomatoes, 441 g $0.97
Red beans, 411 g $1.25
Williams chili mix $1.49

Total $8.30

Was this kind of expensive for a bowl of red? You betcha. I purchased my ingredients at a Country Mart grocery store located in Forsyth, Mo. I estimated there were about five servings at a per serving cost of $1.66. Ergo, homemade chili is still cheaper than buying it at a restaurant, but the margin is getting more narrow all the time! Note that back in 1970, a bowl of chili purchased at a diner cost only about fifty cents!

Stretching restaurant food!

Case in point: An order of ten chicken wings with fries and a tub of Ranch dressing. Cost $12.

Take home orders offer distinct advantages over eating at the venue. My purchase was also without tip, a savings of 15%! When I got it home, I broke up the order into three servings at a cost per serving of $4.00 with the Ranch dressing serving as a bonus that went on a simple salad I made myself! This was a win win as not only did I enjoy three great meals, but the smaller portions also helped to keep the calories at a manageable level!

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