Friday, September 4, 2015

Critique: 5 pepper Bloody Mary mix!

A warm drink with a happy ending!
While wandering around the liquor section of my grocery store recently, I noticed a bottle of '5 pepper Bloody Mary Mix'. I thought to myself that it had been many moons since I'd changed my course from drinking only beer to something a little more adventuresome. Seizing the moment, I brought a 1 liter bottle along with a bottle of Gordon's vodka home with me.

Let the good times roll, I thought to myself, as I headed home. Visions of drinking a glass of pepper enriched spiked tomato juice  spiked with vodka, swam languidly in my head.

It was just around 8PM, the sun had set in the west and I found myself out on my balcony with an ice-chilled glass of the 'good stuff' in one hand, while the other hand was busy swatting at a squadron of mosquitoes. Slowly, I lifted the glass to my mouth, while watching the afterglow of a late summer sunset...

OMG! I could not believe warm this drink was! The capsaicin content must have been in the 20,000 plus Scoville heat range! A quick inspection of the label revealed that the peppers they used in the mix included; habanero's, red cayenne and Jalapeno's! No wonder!  My mouth burned, but after a moment or two, the vodka kicked in and numbed everything out. I sat back and sipped my way slowly through the evening.... And, after my third glass, I would swear I couldn't feel a darn thing! One annoyance was the small bits of pepper that float around in the juice - I decided to strain them out. Their other standard mix was awesome!

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