Sunday, September 20, 2015

The Frosted Mug revisited!

An aging, though venerable, watering hole! AKA, the Frote Mu!
It was a Late September day, overcast with a cool tinge to the air, a possible sign of colder fall weather to come. I had decided to stop at a bar known as the Frosted Mug, located on Hwy 160 in Forsyth Mo. A bar and restaurant that had been around since the time of Moses. There were nine patrons sitting at the bar when I came in, all of whom were drinking, with the sole exception of a gal to my left who was busy eating a large bowl of mashed potatoes with sausage gravy slathered on top. She eye me suspiciously as I sat a few chairs over and unlimbered my Kindle Fire. She was watching NASCAR on some kind of tablet and it wasn't very long before she began to accuse my tablet of interfering with her tablet. Such was life in a very strange century. When I glanced over at her, some gravy was dripping from her lower lip... I quickly looked away and studied the rest of my surroundings. 
The Frosted Mug, structurally, is a squarish looking building that has a full bar that holds about 24 seated patrons (more if you crowd them together). There is also a small stage for performers, a dance floor and a pool room with two tables that are generally in use. The rest of the open space off to one side of the bar area contains about 10- 15 tables that could hold sixty or more eaters. Something that rarely happens as the establishment is almost never crowded.

While most of the service personnel are OK at what they do, Tuesday's now sees the return of a popular bartender that worked there almost a decade ago by the name of Judy. She is very efficient and rarely leaves one waiting for a fresh libation. In the evening hours, after 5PM, a younger set of bartender staff take over to handle the generally younger crowd that stops there after getting off of work. Sunday's in the early fall feature no less that five large screen TV's that display both racing and football. Howrah!

Over the years, I've had occasion to eat at the Mug both sit down and take home. Of the many and varied menu items offered there, I'm told it is the beer batter perch offered on Friday and cheeseburgers during the rest of the week that are the most popular. The pricing at this venue is competitive with the other five or so sit down eateries, while only the Mug and a nearby place called Charlie's offer full service bars.Be a little wary of who is cooking, however, some cooks working there are much better than others.

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