Monday, September 14, 2015

Breakfast and induction plate cooking!

As a practicing electrical geek, I'm always on the lookout for ways to improve the efficiency of my use of electricity around the house! And, one of the appliances that caught my eye was an induction plate for cooking purposes. According to Wiki, 'Induction cooking heats a cooking vessel by magnetic induction, instead of by thermal conduction from a flame, or an electrical heating element. Because inductive heating directly heats the vessel, very rapid increases in temperature can be achieved. That seemed to me to be leaning towards higher efficiency.'

The site went on to state, 'Induction cooking provides faster heating, improved thermal efficiency, and more consistent heating than cooking by thermal conduction, with precise control similar to gas. The induction element has heating performance comparable to a gas burner, but is significantly more energy-efficient. The surface of the cooker is heated only by the pot and so does not usually reach a hazardous temperature. Because the temperature of the cooking surface matches that of the pot, this permits precise control of the cooking temperature. The control system shuts down the element if a pot is not present or not large enough. Induction cookers are easy to clean because the cooking surface is flat and smooth and does not get hot enough to make spilled food burn and stick.' That was good enough for me, so I jumped over to my Amazon account and ordered a Duxtop 1800 watt counter top model for about $60 bucks. I've used it for a number of months now, and it has done a great job! And since there are no moving parts, I expect it to last a very long time!

I've found that while not all frying pans and pots will work, stainless steel and cast iron gets the job done extremely well. This morning I fried up some bacon and cooked an egg sunny side up in just a few minutes. Cleanup was a snap and the food was done to perfection!

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