Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Critique: Chicken Margherita by Healthy Choice! Horrible!

Tasted like crap!

After mentally noting that the term Margherita translates to 'a pizza topped with tomatoes, cheese, and traditionally also basil' and not that wonderful drink. I elected to purchase one of these meals, anyway, at a local grocery for $3.94. I mean who could resist 'Chicken tender-kins with angel hair pasta, burned garlic and tomato sauce all swimming in a balsamic vinaigrette soup. [Note: I took some liberties with the wording, but you get the point].

Nutritionally, this meal really shines! Calories were a mere 280 while the cholesterol came in at 35 mg and the sodium was a measly 530 mg. For a frozen TV dinner, these are very good numbers, (and also part of the reason why they cost more when compare to Banquet offering you might get for a buck)!

Taking the subliminal title hint to heart, I prepared the meal while sipping on a few true margaritas. It wasn't a problem. The directions were pretty easy, even after my third drink when things began to get a little fuzzy. Take the meal out of the box, nuke for about four minutes and dump into the provided sauce bowl. Yes sir! Even a drunk could do that!!

Unlike most of the meals produced by Healthy Choice, this was a most horrible offering, even for someone in an inebriated state! Most importantly, the pasta was very mushy. That was a sure turnoff. And, while the chicken was tender and moist, I found myself gagging and so dumped the whole meal into the trash! Scored this one a 4! I'd eat it, if I was dying and had no other choice!

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