Saturday, September 19, 2015

A chili from hell!

Some people like their chili on the warm side, others prefer it pretty hot... and then there are those few who make a true Chili from Hell!

The head cook at Charlie's Rib Steak and Ale, located in Forsyth Mo, is very good at what he does. David is his name and grilling is his game! But, David it seems, has a 'hot side' when it comes to making chili for himself and his friends...

Anyone who uses ghost peppers as one of the key spices in a bowl of red must really likes to challenge those taste buds with heat! Bhut jolokia, which is the other common name for ghost peppers, are right below pure pepper spray in terms of hotness – They score one million plus Scoville heat units. [They blow the fabled Habanero right out of the water]! And David, (who grows these peppers). likes to use liberal amounts in his personal chili – Enough so you're eyes will water and your nose run freely! Now, that's hot!

And no! You can't buy a bowl of this sort of stuff at Charlie's – when they do serve chili, it's mild and seasoned by the book!

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