Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Spigot maintenance by Miller Lite!

Little known or understood by the non-beer drinking masses are cleanliness issues of those little spigot's from which bartenders, all across the nation, pour out a refreshing mug of beer!

Like anything else, beer spigots can become gem infested. Think about it, beer is a nutrient rich liquid and were I a microbe, I'd high tail it to the nearest orifice from which that wonderful nectar burst forth! After all, what self respecting microbe doesn't want to imbibe a brewski?

Enter the spigot maintenance personnel whose job it is to make sure the innards of each are pristine. As a frequent customer of a local bar and eatery aka Charlie's Rib Steak and Ale located in Forsyth Missouri, I've noticed only one spigot – the Miller Lite one, to be serviced on a regular basis. Here we see a gentleman named Cody cleaning and servicing the Miller Lite spigot. Those other beer brands? I'm not sure... I've never seen one actually being cleaned.

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