Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Boneless chicken breasts still a good deal!

Recently purchased at a local Country Mart: 1.6 pounds (725 grams) of boneless chicken breasts – enough for six servings (112 grams) at a cost of only $2.70. A price that worked out to $1.69 per pound. A pretty good deal in my book!

As I like to enjoy numerous recipes that use chicken breasts as main ingredient, I will admit to being a little nervous about buying any due to the bad press the recent culling of millions of chickens has produced. My fear was that the cost of chicken, eggs and egg products would soar. Well, so far, that hasn't been the case!

And at just 118 calories per serving, I can afford to throw together a very nutritious combo of chicken, broccoli and mushrooms to enjoy for an evening meal! That is one of my favorites and all three items can be quickly prepared in a steamer (about 18 minutes).

And while the price of large eggs has certainly gone up, you can still by a dozen for under four bucks!

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