Thursday, September 17, 2015

Random thoughts for Mid September 2015!

Mid September 2015 and gas at $2.10 a gallon!

Forsyth MO - What the heck is going on? As the price of a barrel of oil continues to plummet, prices at the pump for most of America is expected to dive below $2 a gallon before the end of the month!
While lower prices at the pump were a welcome change for most motorists, the wild market fluctuations continue to highlight serious troubles in the world's financial markets. And, with the Fed meeting for two days starting on Wednesday the 15th, rumors of a rate increase have left investors wary.

That synergistic effect everyone is waiting for!

We certainly live interesting times. There are many issues that seem to be coming together and which may interact in ways that may do the word synergy justice! Lets skim over just a few, shall we?
1) The vast explosion of hate for the US by all Muslims seems to be growing exponentially.
2) International money markets continue to remain unstable and in bubble status.
3) Russia and China are working hand in hand to destabilize the Mid East, and are succeeding.
4) America seems ready for a major show down in 2016 as she fights to regain her world status. Disenchantment with Congress grows ever more widespread.
5) The EU is in trouble and could easily dissolve. This alone could cause a partial or even a complete collapse of the American dollar.
6) The US southern border remains ultra porous, allowing a flood of illegals to enter freely. A situation that places American support programs under crushing weights.
7) Federal entitlement programs are in dire straits and seem certain to fail in the long term.
8) Potable water reserves all across the planet continue to shrink.
9) Key states are likely to go bankrupt and will require a Federal bailout.
10) Iran will use limited nuclear strikes in an attempt to erase Israel from the map.
Any one or a number of the topics mentioned here could come together and form the basis for world disaster. And, on a scale of 1 to 100 the probability for disaster of that magnitude is at 200.

Obama, a man on a mission!

The question is... What mission? And, for whom? One could easily argue that this individual is actively working for ISIS. The only exception is that he hasn't personally beheaded anyone...yet. The damage he has manged to do, will take a generation to undo.

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