Friday, September 18, 2015

When you live at the bottom of a steep hill!

Many years ago, I lived in Kimberling City MO on a street called Hilltop. And, while going up and down that steep hill was not a problem for most of the year, the wintertime sometimes poised a real problem. When that old road got snow or ice on it, travel was pretty much impossible. Now, many years later, I've moved to a location that requires me to go up yet another rather steep hill just to get into the town of Forsyth Mo, where I live.

So, here it is, late September and my thoughts are looking ahead to that time of year when snow and ice storms become a definite possibility. This is generally sometime right after Christmas for anyone living in southwest Missouri. And, while I would never try to navigate icy streets, I might find myself wanting to move about if it snows. My Jeep is 4-wheel and it has knobby tires, so there is every likelihood that I will be able make it up and down the approximately quarter mile stretch of a road called Sunken Forest Drive. At least someone didn't name it Suicide Run or some such...

My backup option would be to park my vehicle at the top, just across Highway 160, say in the Frosted Mugs parking lot. And while the walk down to my condo wouldn't be so bad, going back up would be a bitch! Still, that is something I could do in the event of a heavy snowfall. I'll make sure and relate my travel experiences this coming winter if such trail presents itself!

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