Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Is the Freedom from Religion Foundation a group of nut jobs?

Oops! Wrong picture!
PO Box 750
Madison WI 53701
Email: info@ffrf.ord

No! Despite the rumors that this group is largely comprised of homosexuals, atheists and Democrats with a smattering of neo Nazi’s thrown in for good measure, I’ve found one or two to be highly intelligent as they were able to respond in words that had more than one syllable.

I can even see their point as outlined by my friend who is a member. According to him, a government that was founded on moral principles as defined by the Bible, should never have any mention of that actual book, (which shall not be named here again). No! The Federal government, according to their supposed viewpoint, should be a highly sterile construct where everyone (no matter how loony they may be) is allowed in as a citizen – (Uh, just so long as they don’t start blowing stuff up)! So, all you whack jobs, hairballs and genetic misfits! This is the club for you!

Last word (as in not The Word from you know who) – Anyone who yearns to tell other people how to live their lives, what to think, how to dress and what to believe… Well, now you have an organization that doesn’t have the word Democrat in it somewhere! Please! Send this group some email describing how much you love them....