Sunday, August 23, 2015

On Country Mart's declining service!

Last Sunday, August the 23rd, I had to run over to a local Country Mart for a few grocery items. The store was only lightly populated with customers, mostly church attendees by the looks of how they were dressed. Me? I was less fashionable wearing scruffy jeans and an old T-shirt that had seen better days. And, while I am religious, I just don't like to make a public show of it...

Anyway, everything when swimmingly until I approached the checkout counter. I picked lane 3, a definite bad call as look back on it! The white woman at the register was the absolute epitome of all things slow. If some university were to give out a diploma for slowness, this woman would easily rate a PhD! Every motion she made was like watching some slow mo on the Tube, except that this was real like. And speaking of which, I felt mine passing before my eyes as I watched her work. It was almost like she was on break!

Seriously, the management folks at the Forsyth MO CM need to light a fire under their personnel. Maybe if the were to pay them a little more over the minimum wage....

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