Friday, August 7, 2015

Pool noise...

I'd recently moved to a condo, known locally as Taneycomo Terrace, located in Forsyth MO. After much time spent moving in and on what promised to be a blistering hot day in late July, I made my first trip to the pool located in the back of my building.

10:12 AM - Under clear skies, with towel in hand, I approached the locked gate with some trepidation; after all, I had never used my 'pool key' and had doubts as to exactly which key on a string of keys I carried to use. After trying four keys with no luck, I happened on the correct one and I was in!

The pool was empty at that early hour, so had my pick of any deck chair and quickly picked a semi-recliner next to a circular table. I'd just placed my stuff on the table and had settled into the chair when over a nearby hill came the grounds keepers! There were two of them. A man by the name of David and a lady who answered to the name Kat. Like two moths attracted to a flame, they zeroed in on myself with mower blades a chopping and weed whacker strings a whirring. Thankfully, a fence that surround the pool area prevented them from charging right into my lap! David got as close as abut five feet away, throwing grass blades this way and that as he doggedly worked the same area over and over again. The noise levels made napping all but an impossibility, so I contented my self with sipping on a Pepsi and eating a small bag of Doritos. Yet, for some reason, I found it difficult to relax....

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